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Nexnix Virtual Mannequin

Virtual Presenter’ your only 24/7 employee from NexNix Ltd

NexNix is launching the ‘Virtual Presenter’ at the NEC Showcase in the O2 Dome on April 25th 2012

Your virtual presenter is generated from a studio video recording of a model or announcer. Their image is then outlined onto optical acrylic which is rear projected from the final cut of their studio shoot. Sound is added by either conventional or directional speakers. Then we loop the message which can run 24/7.

So with ‘Virtual Presenter’ we have a virtual employee who will work outside the EEC directives on hours. A VP can be personable for a product promotion or scary for a theme park or museum prop. Anywhere a repetitive message is required for a queue of people or directions are needed.

At NexNix we have brought all processes involved in production of a VP in-house, to enable the time scale from concept to finished product to be measured in days with lowest cost for the industry.. Give us a call for a very competitive quote.

Our Virtual Presenter in action, showing some different sample senareros:

Alternately to view the above video on Vimeo click here

Video from the NEC Showcase 2012 event featuring our products:


As mentioned before at Nexnix our Mannequin is fully designed, recorded and edited and built in house saving costs over our competitors!

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Who are we? - NexNix was founded in 1991 as a UNIX software development house. NexNix has since evolved into a multi-platform hardware and visual display solution provider for a broad range of markets covering the financial sector, local government, retail, marine, simulation and the AV industry. From our humble beginnings via six locations, NexNix is currently located in Birdham, Nr Chichester, West Sussex. As a significant reseller of LCD, Plasma and Projectors in the UK, we work closely with manufacturers to bring our clients the benefit of roll out and project pricing. At NexNix we provide high quality solutions to our clients specific requirements. We understand that in today's AV industry, our order turnaround time, level of service and quality of our components are of utmost importance. NexNix employees are a multi-skilled group of install engineers and technical sales people who provide solutions and next day logistical supply throughout the UK and Europe.

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