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Sharp PN-R903 90" LED Monitor

The Sharp PN-R903 90” Commercial LCD Monitor is designed to meet the rigors of any commercial display or digital signage application with its 90.0" (228.6cm) screen size, 24/7 reliability, energy-efficiency, and full-array LED backlight. This monitor also boasts UV2A photo alignment technology, local dimming technology, and full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. This professional LCD monitor is designed for the large-format digital signage market. This monitor is suitable for use in public areas such as trade show exhibit halls, hotel lobbies and conference areas, airport corridors, and retail locations. It features a low-profile design with a cabinet depth of only 4.8" (12.1cm).


Sharp PN-R903


High-Impact 90" Screen
Sized for eye-catching impact, the PN-R903 LCD Monitor features a 90" screen that is large enough to realistically showcase life-size images of people. This high-quality LCD excels in a variety of indoor venues; including retail locations, educational institutes, conference rooms, and public spaces.
High Image Quality
The 90" LCD panel incorporates UV2A technology, which ensures highly efficient use of light from the backlight and prevents light leakage. This results in bright whites and deep blacks. The panel also boasts a full-array LED backlight, in which LED elements are evenly positioned across the entire panel to give on-screen images uniform brightness. 1
High Contrast and Energy Efficiency
This monitor features local dimming of its LED backlight for enhanced black levels, contrast, and energy efficiency. Local dimming allows specific groups of LEDs to be independently dimmed or brightened for greater control of the brightness in different areas of the monitor, resulting in reduced power consumption.
Interface Expansion
A standard-equipped interface expansion board gives this monitor a comprehensive range of input/output jacks, including the DisplayPort interface.
Choice of Installation Mode
This monitor offers a choice of landscape or portrait installation, allowing you to select the mode that suits the display content and application. The portrait installation offers the look and impact of a poster, while the landscape installation is ideal for wide images.
24/7 Operation
It is suitable for use in 24-hour stores and in other demanding professional applications that require around-the-clock operation, 7 days a week.
Dual-Screen Display
PIP (Picture-in-Picture) mode allows an AV-sourced image to be displayed within a PC-sourced one (or vice versa), while PbyP (Picture-by-Picture) mode puts images from AV and PC sources side by side for split-screen viewing.
Enlarge (Zoom) Display Mode
Multiple monitors can be grouped together to display a single enlarged image, thanks to the Enlarge (Zoom) Display mode, which corrects the framing of that image to eliminate misalignment between monitors.
Mirror Display Mode (Daisy Chain)
With Mirror Display mode, the same image can be displayed on a daisy chain of this monitor for a powerful impact of visual repetition. 2
Built-In 10W per Channel Stereo Audio System
Built-in speakers eliminate the need for external speakers and keep the monitor streamlined. The speakers emit sound from both sides of the monitor for playing location-appropriate audio information and background music.
Professional-Standard Image Quality
The PN-R903 90" LCD panel features a 700 cd/m² brightness supporting this LCD monitor in its digital signage duties.
Energy Star
It conforms to the ENERGY STAR program, an international system for identifying energy-efficient products.

A superior alternative to 2x2 46" monitors in video walls. The PN-R903's slimline and lightweight design is easier to install, has much lower power requirements thanks to our LED backlight technology with local dimming and is much easier to drive from a source device.

SharpPN-R903 Videowall


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Product Specifications:

Sharp PNR903



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