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hss 3000

Representing a leap forward in directional audio capability, HSS-III products offer directional control with superior audio quality. HSS-III is the newest generation of HypersSonic Sound systems from multi-award winning inventor Elwood “Woody” Norris.

hss 3000 speaker

hss amp

HSS-III directional audio solutions provide ultimate directional control without trading sound quality as experienced in the past. Directional audio control has not always been feasible due to lack of performance and/or prohibitively high equipment prices.

HSS-III will impress customers with an immersive audio experience adding a new dimension to both video and traditional display applications The small, lightweight form factor and ease of installation provide for limitless application possibilities.

hss directional

The HSS Advantage:
- Superior audio quality for all media
- High quality design
- No additional equipment or custom cabling required
- Easily embedded into most hardware configurations
- Lowest total cost of ownership to meet directional audio budgets
- HSS-III continues to be the industry standard for directional audio

HSS 3000 Product Specifications

Hss 3000 Specs

hss speaker polar pot

Product Options

HSS-3M HSS-3000 Mono
HSS-3ST HSS-3000 Stereo
HSS-SB Optional Sub-Bass Unit
HSS-EM Additional Emitters

HSS-MBS Mounting Bracket with Swivel
HSS-MBB Mounting Bracket with Ball & Socket

Each system includes: Emitters ( qty 1 for mono system – qty 2 for stereo system), Amplifier Processor, 2m emitter cable (qty 2 for stereo system) - Additional lengths available on request, Audio cable 3.5mm Jack to RCA

PDF Manual

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