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Grandview is a Canadian screen manufacturer leading the field in commercial cinema screens in Canada and the USA. Grandview's new Cyber series screens, allows the home cinema enthusiast to afford the quality screen modern HD cinema projectors deserve. There range includes electric screens with built in IR remote and 12volt trigger, Tab tensioned screens, Fixed frame screens and manual pull down designs.

grandview cyberGrandview Cyber Manual Cinema Screens

Grandview Cyber series manual screens feature a speed reduction mechanism, super flat viewing surface and locking wall and ceiling mount options.

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grandview cyberGrandview Cyber Electric Cinema Screens

Grandview Cyber series electric screen featuring built in, 12v trigger and remote control so every typre of installation is covered with one screen.

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Grandview Cyber Tab Tensioned Screens

The Grandview Cyber series tab tensioned projector screens are the perfect choice for the home cinema enthusiast.

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grandview cyberGrandview Fixed Frame Screens

Grandview only use the highest quality materials in their Cyber series range of fixed frame projector screens. The screen surface is perfectly flat with a gain of 1.1 and is ideal for a dedicated cinema room.

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