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Multisync X461UNV completes NEC’s line of video wall products and offers outstanding video wall features at an affordable price. The product is compatible with all accessories designed for the more professional X462UN and allows for impressive video wall installations.

Entry level video wall product with a mere 6.7mm bezel and 7.3mm content to content for impressive video walls.

MultiSync X461UNV addresses installations with limited brightness and operating hour requirements typically found in retail signage environments, lobby and  welcome desk installations, show rooms and entertainment in clubs or bars.

Outstanding Performance

Pre-calibrated displays from factory also allow for user hardware calibration thanks to the integrated 10 bit look up table (LUT) with the optional NEC calibration kit.
Unique NEC heat management enables the user to monitor and control the heat inside the display with user controllable fans. Very important for larger or recessed walls to avoid overheating.
Up to 100 displays can be controlled and managed through common sensor through daisychaining with supplied 3.5mm cables.
TileMatrix Memory for automatic adjustment of the integrated splitter when working with multiple inputs. This saves the cost of external switching equipment.
Peace of mind thanks to full control of the display via LAN with free NEC software and alert emails in the unlikely event of a problem such as overheating, back light failure etc.

nec x461unv
nec x461unv

Input Terminals

x461unv input terminals

pdf Click here for full Spec Sheet

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