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3d projection

NexNix offers a specialized silver surfaced electric screen for professional 3D projection applications.

This screen surface offers the viewer superior polarization preserving properties and good gain balance giving you a very high quality 3D projection image. The silver surface can be used for both active and passive 3D projection

3d projection screen

3d projection material


- maintains light polarity (linear and circular)
- light reflective properties ideal for front projection
- white side backing
- silvered side for 3D projection
- Can also be welded for even larger screen areas

Pricing from £595 (Ex VAT) for a 2m Wide 16:9 Screen, larger sizes are available please contact us for more information and pricing

This surface can also be brought by the roll for making custom screens or can be made into a fixed frame screen solution.

For more information or to place an order please call sales on 08452 603090

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