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3d projection

3D Front Projection Surface
3D projection screen material supplied off the roll for custom 3D screen installations. Our fabric has superior polarization preserving properties and high gain balance making it the perfect choice for either circular or linear passive 3D projection.

3d projection fabric

- maintains light polarity correctly for both linear and circular systems
- white backing
- silvered side for 3D projection
- high gain level
- easy to cut
- Can also be welded for even larger screen areas

3D Silver Screen Fabric - 2.1m wide x per linear metre - £35 (Ex VAT)


3D Rear Projection Surface
Our black 3D rear projection material gives an excellent stereo image from either circular or linear polarised systems

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- maintains light polarity correctly for both linear and circular systems
- hardwearing material
- high gane level
- easy to cut

Rear Projection 3D Fabric is available in three different roll sizes

- 1.4m wide x per linear metre - £26 (Ex VAT)

We can supply our screen materials complete with borders & eyelets, please contact us for pricing and information about this service.

Important Handling Instructions for the 3D Front Projection Material.


A 3D front projection screen is fragile and has to be handled accordingly - this is not like any other projection screen material.
It is front surfaced with metal to preserve the polarity of the projected light. This metallic ingredient of front 3D projection makes the fabric easy to damage.

If shipped in a box, the material should be allowed to reach room temperature - at least 20 degrees centigrade - before being opened.
This is the temperature of the screen material and not the temperature of the box!
So depending on the size of the screen, this could take up to a day.
If the screen material is unfolded while cold - due to the metal in the screen - the screen will crack/tear.

The screen material should be stored on a roll or rig, as soon as possible, and should not be left folded after the initial shipment.

The screen should also be rolled or rigged at room temperature.

If the screen has eyelets to tension on a rig, please do not over tension. Just take out the slack on the screen, and wait for the creases to fall out over several days; do not try to tension the creases out of the screen, as this will only damage the screen by tearing the material.

If the screen has been cut for any reason use a material (with give) gaffa style tape adhered to the rear of the screen, but only where the tear or cut has been made.

For more information or to place an order please call sales on 08452 603090

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