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3d projection

NexNix offers professional 3D projection solutions and accessories to wow any size audience!

Linear & Circular 3D Projection Polarisers

We sell a wide range of Linear and Circular polarisers available in both glass and plastic, all of which are tested by us to make sure that our customers enjoy the best possible projection quality at a price that’s right for them.

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Linear 3D Polariser Film

Easy to cut linear polariser film that can be used to make a custom sized 3D polarising filter.

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Linear & Circular Polarized 3D Glasses

We offer both linear & circular 3D paper and plastic framed dosposable glasses suitable for many enviroment including home to pub/ club and large events.

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Electric Silver 3D Projection Screen Suitable for Stereoscopic systems


Electric roll down projection screen with a high gain silver finish suitable for Stereoscopic 3D systems.

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3D Projection Fabrics Suitable for Front and Rear Projection Stereoscopic systems


Front and rear 3D projection screen materials supplied off the roll for custom 3D screen installations.

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Goo Systems Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3D - For High Gain/High Contrast 3D applications.

Goo Systems Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3D is a specially formulated coating designed to be used in the creation of non-depolarizing viewing surfaces for 3D projection applications.

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NexNix 3D Media PC's

NexNix Offer a custom build 3D media servers with all the software needed for 3D viewing, these systems can be produced to any spec whether shuttle / rackmount or small or large venue.

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Please see our gallery for a selected few of our recent Audio Visual installations!!!
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